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    The Greatest Dance Party Ever  


    15 track CD
    ABC For Kids, 2005
    ISBN: 9339972001045

    The Greatest Dance Party Ever

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    Kids just love to dance - they're determined to celebrate life to the full, and movement is the most exciting and stimulating way to do just that. And now ABC Kids has put together the soundtrack for the ultimate kids' dance party - an action-packed CD titled 'The Greatest Dance Party Ever', the companion cd to The Greatest Dance Party Ever DVD.

    Packed with the most in-demand dance tracks from the last few years and featuring well-known songs that will have the kids moving and grooving until they literally drop from exhaustion, The Greatest Dance Party Ever CD contains tracks such as Nutbush City Limits, Locomotion and Twisting By the Pool.

    With 15 familiar and incredibly catchy tracks, this is the ultimate dance album for kids — the must-have musical collection for school dances, blue light discos, end-of-year get-togethers and kids' parties. The music's all up-beat, fun and infectiously happy. Parents and teachers will find themselves unable to sit still - in fact, unable to even stay in their seats — as they listen to it. Whether at home or at a school dance, it will provide endless hours of good times, music and movement.

    Track Listing

    1. Macarena
    2. Y.M.C.A
    3. Tchip, Tchip (Birdie Dance)
    4. Twisting By The Pool
    5. Time Warp
    6. Hokey Pokey
    7. Nutbush City Limits
    8. Car Wash
    9. Mambo #5
    10. The Ketchup Song
    11. Locomotion
    12. Life is Fun
    13. Hey Mr DJ
    14. Greased Lightnin'
    15. Milkshake

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