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  • 1444 Fun things to Do with Kids, Caryl Krueger, 9781603760638 | Cheap Discount Books and Gifts Online

    1444 Fun things to Do with Kids  


    Black Dog & Leventhal, 2009
    ISBN: 9781603760638

    1444 Fun things to Do with Kids

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    By Caryl Krueger


    Creative, Wholesome, and Educational Activities for Families

    This wonderful activity book is loaded with creative, inexpensive, and easy-to-do ideas for making the most of the time families spend together. With activities that include kazoos at the dinner table and Easter egg trees, this guide loosens the traditional childrearing rules and allows families to learn, love, and most importantly ... have fun!

    • Branch out from your ordinary dinner rituals with "Supper-in-a-Tree" or try making your own "Dinner Music"
    • Make getting ready for bed fun with a game of "Bedtime Tag"
    • Have fun with food with activities like "Potato Designs" and "Popcorn Snowman"
    • Transform chores into creative activities that keep kids on track
    • Make use of recyclables with "Can Stilts"
    • Let a visit to a garage sale become a family adventure!
    • Make your own modelling clay (that you can eat!)

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